Lisa and I when she was just a week old.

My love for images began early on, but school got in the way. So did work.  Life.was.fast. Then came baby. I slowed down. So I took a deep breath and refocused. A photographer was born. Our little family expanded and we made our home. We had it all, seemingly. But there was an ache to go back to our roots, back to Scandinavia. Back to were we belonged. In the summer of 2014, we moved to Norway. It is beyond a doubt the biggest endeavour we have ever undertaken as a family. I dedicated myself to the family as our three children were settling into their new lives. The sabattical has taught me so much. I grew as a woman and as a mother.
We made memories. Memories to last us a lifetime. It was nothing short of amazing.
TanjadM-4b Moving internationally has been the best life diet I´ve ever been on. We were given the chance to redesign our whole lives. We literally decluttered our lives. Culling stuff and fluff was so liberating. It gave us all a new sense of flow. It was then that I vowed to keep flow in everything we do and own.
“Mommy you are the designer of your own life. – Lisa (age 6 at the time)
I believe that we all design our own lives by creating an environment around us that makes it easier for us to move, breathe and feel. It’s easy to lose sight of the little things when you’re stuck in the stream of life.  Today will be gone tomorrow and it will become a memory.
After 10 years I still get a buzz each time I read new images into my Mac.
Now I want to give you a glimpse of your life through my eyes. Let’s capture a moment – and the moment will be here for always to remember. Fondly, Tanja Image courtesy of Vinita Salomé Photography “The heartstrings” “They bring out the best and the worst in me in ways nothing could have prepared me for. These are the gratitude files. “