Stop time.

Or, no.

Or, yes.

Or… just turn back time so I can smell newborns again. 

Or maybe no.

Because the NOW is amazing.

I realise I may sound like a big hot mess writing this.  I feel like I was thrown into a time vortex and was just catapulted out the other end.

My baby girl is thirteen today. This means she can officially call herself a teenager. 

Emma. You are part of a generation where not only friends and parents, but a wide array of influencers are part of your world. I love how you are sceptical and careful, yet elegantly curate what you choose to share. We sometimes discuss what works and what doesn’t and why. I love how you see the world, be it the real or virtual one. 

The overthinker in you is slowly giving way to this reflected, opinionated, decisive assertive young woman. I love to see you grow and bloom! You are at the start of your 13th year here and it will be a transitional one. High school is right around the corner. You are more confident than I´d ever imagined. And you will take on the challenges ahead with grace. Of this I am certain. 

My Em… I love you. Know you can always come to me. I will listen, and promise to never ever judge or flinch. I will listen and promise to say nothing. I will listen and just hold you. 

Forever, mom.