You are fourteen today. Two pale lines on a stick […]

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You are fourteen today.

Two pale lines on a stick indicated your arrival. An ultrasound reveiled you were a boy. A what??? How on earth was I going to be a mom to a boy? Panic.

Then you came. And all I could do was look at you, smell you, feel your tiny body against mine. It was all absorbing in the best of ways. I wonder who I was before you. Life without you was and is unthinkable.  You showed me a side of me that had been dormant and under a rock for way too long.

Thank you for your wit and your wicked sense of humour with impeccable timing. Thank you for being the poised young man you are. Thank you for making me a mom. Who knew motherhood would be so rewarding.

So as you swagger into your 15th year on this earth we know there will be bumps in the road. But we´ve got this. I´ve got your back. We may have it all now but we will have our battles. But know – no matter what – that you can always rely on me. Everything is figureoutable.

Love, mamma

PS My puns are still funnier than yours
PS2 I still kick your butt in armwrestling just sain´ :-P