I call for you. I call again, and again. You mutter ´huh´.

A hazy gaze meets my eye.  Oh, the slumber that is puberty. 

But it´s allright. Paces change, and that´s a good thing. I love every step of the way. 

You took your first breath fifteen years ago today.  I´ve recently learned that the first 1000 days after conception are formative. Some stars must have aligned during your first 1000 days of creation because you turned out pretty good.  I feel so fortunate to be your mother. 

Today you are 15. And on this day you are abroad. You are on a school trip with class mates in Berlin. And to top it off you will fly home tonight. You love flying so much.  In a way, you are teaching me to face my fears.

Thanks for being the young man that you are. You´re one in a million. 

With love, mom 


Portraits – Kai

Første jobbuken etter sommerferien er snart over. Jeg deler gjerne noen bilder av Kai. Kai kom inn og sa `Så hyggelig å møte deg´. ´Veldig veldig hyggelig´, pluppet jeg ut.  Kleint.

Nok fjas. Connection er jo nøkkelen til en god portrettsession.

God helg! Smil, T

The first workweek after my summer vacation has come to an end. I´m happy to share some portraits of Kai. Kai entered the room, smiled and shook my hand saying ´So nice to meet you´.  All I managed to utter was `Yes very, very nice´.  Awkward.

Enough sillyness.  Connection is the key to a good portrait session.

Have a wonderful weekend! Smiles, T