Stop time.

Or, no.

Or, yes.

Or… just turn back time so I can smell newborns again. 

Or maybe no.

Because the NOW is amazing.

I realise I may sound like a big hot mess writing this.  I feel like I was thrown into a time vortex and was just catapulted out the other end.

My baby girl is thirteen today. This means she can officially call herself a teenager. 

Emma. You are part of a generation where not only friends and parents, but a wide array of influencers are part of your world. I love how you are sceptical and careful, yet elegantly curate what you choose to share. We sometimes discuss what works and what doesn’t and why. I love how you see the world, be it the real or virtual one. 

The overthinker in you is slowly giving way to this reflected, opinionated, decisive assertive young woman. I love to see you grow and bloom! You are at the start of your 13th year here and it will be a transitional one. High school is right around the corner. You are more confident than I´d ever imagined. And you will take on the challenges ahead with grace. Of this I am certain. 

My Em… I love you. Know you can always come to me. I will listen, and promise to never ever judge or flinch. I will listen and promise to say nothing. I will listen and just hold you. 

Forever, mom. 




Christmas sisters

If empathy had a name it would be Karoline. 

This woman is one of the sweetest, warm-hearted, genuine and generous people I know. So this one is from me to her. 

Dear Karoline, you are always there when I need to vent. You pick up the phone whenever I call. You are a rock. I am so grateful to have you in my life. We share laughter and tears and serious conversations. You always challenge me to look into the WHY of my actions. You challenge me to see situations from a wider perspective. 

That’s why it was such a joy to capture your daughters.

I love that the girls were so into the shoot. And even though they were freezing, they were happy to do what I suggested. 

Mathilde and Hermine, you are such wonderful young ladies. I can’t wait to see you both grow up into strong and whole hearted women. Like your mom.

PS : special thanks to Mathilde for constantly telling mom to have Tanja take pictures. ;-P 

PS2 : we need our ´rørtemoji´ yesterday!



I call for you. I call again, and again. You mutter ´huh´.

A hazy gaze meets my eye.  Oh, the slumber that is puberty. 

But it´s allright. Paces change, and that´s a good thing. I love every step of the way. 

You took your first breath fifteen years ago today.  I´ve recently learned that the first 1000 days after conception are formative. Some stars must have aligned during your first 1000 days of creation because you turned out pretty good.  I feel so fortunate to be your mother. 

Today you are 15. And on this day you are abroad. You are on a school trip with class mates in Berlin. And to top it off you will fly home tonight. You love flying so much.  In a way, you are teaching me to face my fears.

Thanks for being the young man that you are. You´re one in a million. 

With love, mom 


A smile on my face

When Sandra booked me I was totally happy! Her son Yves is in my son’s class and is doing his first communion. For this occasion, they wanted some images of him and his little sister Manon.  Since I know these kids, they were very relaxed in front of the camera. No shying away here… The kids played and did their thing, while I got to capture the moments.  I ‘m so happy with all the awesome spots we have around here – these were taken a short drive from where we live.

A big thanks to Sandra for being amazing about meeting so late in the evening on a school night!  You guys are a true joy to photograph! Not only are you a stunning family, you were fun and great to be with!

Much love, T





Hailey’s young, creative and bubbly!!!  She’s a young Scottish photographer who I met at Zach and Jody Gray’s workshop earlier this year. We’ve since stayed in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

Imagine my delight when she emailed me asking if I would photograph her for her new website.  She flew in especially for the day. It was totally awesome!

Hails, keep it up. Use your gift wisely and you will go far!  You have a friend on “the continent” ;-)
Hailey is at Clockwork Photography.

Big hug, T


The photographers

Wedding photographer Anouschka from Lifestyle Fotografie asked me photograph her and het husband Ray. They came all the way from Boskoop in The Netherlands for their photoshoot, equipped with cameras, Shootsacs, sunglasses and killer heels!  Indy and Keira – their beloved terriers – were groomed and ready for their closeup!

Anouschka is a  fellow member of photographers collective weloveweddings.nl.


The girl next door

I was delighted to shoot her the ‘girl next door’.

Helen is our neighbour.  Not only is she beautiful on the outside, she is a true and genuinly good girl.  I love talking with her about stuff, school, friends and the things that go on in a twelve-year-old girl’s life….  She patiently plays with our girls, indulging their wishes and silly role-playing games.

So it was more than a pleasure to portrait this very special young lady for her special occasion.

Much love,