Christmas sisters

If empathy had a name it would be Karoline. 

This woman is one of the sweetest, warm-hearted, genuine and generous people I know. So this one is from me to her. 

Dear Karoline, you are always there when I need to vent. You pick up the phone whenever I call. You are a rock. I am so grateful to have you in my life. We share laughter and tears and serious conversations. You always challenge me to look into the WHY of my actions. You challenge me to see situations from a wider perspective. 

That’s why it was such a joy to capture your daughters.

I love that the girls were so into the shoot. And even though they were freezing, they were happy to do what I suggested. 

Mathilde and Hermine, you are such wonderful young ladies. I can’t wait to see you both grow up into strong and whole hearted women. Like your mom.

PS : special thanks to Mathilde for constantly telling mom to have Tanja take pictures. ;-P 

PS2 : we need our ´rørtemoji´ yesterday!


Christmas 2017

Jeg elsker julen. Det er desidert min favoritthøytid. I år ble julekortet enkelt. Jeg tok noen bilder av barna hjemme. Hjemmet som i det siste har blitt til et studio.

Jeg ønsker dere en helt magisk jul!

Klem, T


It´s the most wonderful time of the year… This year´s Christmas card was a set of images taken in my home which has become somewhat of a daylight studio. 

May your days be merry, bright and filled with joy! I wish you a wonderful Christmas.

Much love, T







Family Christmas

Elisabeth er desidert den venninnen min som ler aller høyest!♡ Hun er sprudlende og glad og min partner in crime når det gjelder veskeshopping mm. Det er stas, gøy og litt ekstra spennende å fotografere venner men jeg elsker det! 


Elisabeth is beyond a doubt my friend with the loudest laugh! She´s so bubbly and happy and my partner in crime when it comes to bag shopping – among others.  It´s always fun and a bit scary to photograph friends but I love it! 



Steminingsfullt på Hvalstrand

I begynnelsen av november fikk jeg fotografere denne fine familien! Vi møttes på Hvalstrand til minishoot

Det ble en session med masse action i stemningsfull tåke på Hvalstrand. Vi tok bilder som varer i mange år framover.  Her deler jeg noen favoritter. 


I got to photograph this family in the beginning of November. We met at Hvalstrand for a minishoot. It was an action-packed session in moody surroundings at Hvalstrand. We shot images to last a lifetime.  I´m happy to share some of my favorites here. 

fotografering asker










Christmas sweetness

 Jeg var så heldig å få fotografere skjønne Milea igjen. Den lille snuppa var så utrolig søt i mammas nydelige hjemmestrikkede outfit! Utfartsparkering ved Sem viste seg å være den perfekte location på en fredagmorgen.  

Her deler jeg mine favoritter fra Mileas minisession


I was so fortunate as to photograph Milea again last Friday. This little sweetie was beyond cute in her mommy´s knitted outfit! An orchard at my favorite lake proved to be the perfect spot for this session. 

I´m sharing my favorites from this minisession here. 


Jeg tilbyr julefotografering i hele november. Klikk her for mer informasjon

Hello December

December has arrived and it’s one of my favorite months of the year.  The first advent candle is lit, clusters of stars light up the living room and it’s all cozy inside. This season brings soft winter light, coziness, and candle lit evenings. Christmas month has officially started.

Having cuddled up and lit the first advent candle, here are some impressions how we welcome December…

Love, T


Endelig er desember her. Desember er uten tvil en av mine favorittmåneder. Vi har tent det første adventslyset og det står grupper med julestjerner i vinduet. Juletiden kommer med mykt nordisk vinterlys, innekos og tente stærinlys overalt.

Så mens denne gressenken koser seg i sofaen med tente lys og julekalender på tv, deler jeg noen bilder av stemningen her hjemme.

Klem, T

advent Tanja de Maesschalk (1)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (2)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (3)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (4)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (5)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (6)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (7)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (8)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (9)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (10)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (11)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (12)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (13)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (14)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (15)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (16)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (17)



Merry Christmas and the Gift of Time

Today is the day.

Our three little ones have been so patiently waiting. The tree is surrounded by white and red wrapped presents.

They will soon know if they will get what they wished for. They’ve been so good, they have nothing to worry about.

It’s such a joy to watch the kids’ innocent anticipation.  There’s a sparkle in their eyes!

I’ve been pondering about what the ideal gift would be for myself. And after much consideration I came up with the best gift ever: time.

How is this a gift?

I live a fast-paced life as a mother of three with an own business. I passionately love what I do. However, someone decided their would only be 24 hours in a day. And that isn’t working out for me – at all.

Needless to explain that a day only streches so far. So how to get more time? The answer is simple : delegate!  So I have made a list of the things I do not love passionately. And those things will be delegated from now on.

In return I will have more… time.

May all your Christmas wishes come true!