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When I first moved to Norway, one of the biggest challenges was finding a new hairdresser. This may seem trivial. But here’s the thing. There are soooo many hairdresser chains its mind boggling. It seemed impossible to find my ´own´hairdresser.

At a party, I noticed a friend’s manes looking absolutely fabulous. When I complimented her hair, she immediately said, Tanja you HAVE to go to this guy. You’re gonna love him!

Enter Kim

Immediately he makes eye contact, he takes my coat and offers me coffee. He has no idea that he had already won me over 90% at this point.  I tell him about my nightmare experience, hair breakage and a lot more.

The plan

He planned a full recovery of my dry brittle pathetic excuse of a hairdo. And BAM months later, my hair is healthier and better looking than ever.

I’m happy to share some shots I did for Tropicos  new site launch below.

Kim Nordbø, you are in a league of your own. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for you and your team!


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Christmas sisters

If empathy had a name it would be Karoline. 

This woman is one of the sweetest, warm-hearted, genuine and generous people I know. So this one is from me to her. 

Dear Karoline, you are always there when I need to vent. You pick up the phone whenever I call. You are a rock. I am so grateful to have you in my life. We share laughter and tears and serious conversations. You always challenge me to look into the WHY of my actions. You challenge me to see situations from a wider perspective. 

That’s why it was such a joy to capture your daughters.

I love that the girls were so into the shoot. And even though they were freezing, they were happy to do what I suggested. 

Mathilde and Hermine, you are such wonderful young ladies. I can’t wait to see you both grow up into strong and whole hearted women. Like your mom.

PS : special thanks to Mathilde for constantly telling mom to have Tanja take pictures. ;-P 

PS2 : we need our ´rørtemoji´ yesterday!



You turned eleven two weeks ago…

At the risk of sounding cliche, I really am amazed at how time flies. I remember your home birth as if it was yesterday. You came into this world ready to take it on and haven’t changed one bit. 

Your passion and feisty nature shows in all levels of your life.  You do things with passion, or you don’t do them at all.  You bring so much joy and fun into my life. At the same time, no-one drives me more crazy than you do.  

Be that unique person that you are! Continue to stand out in the crowd. Not everyone will appreciate that or understand. But what others think of you is none of your business. Nor should it EVER throw it off your tracks. No-one will be like you. 

People will come and go and true friendships will forge as you go along. Don´t be surprised if the ones you hold dear today, dissapoint you. Open your heart to everyone! 

Keep dancing, keep entertaining and keep being the least boring person I know! 

My dearest cheeky monkey, I love you to the moon and back! 

Always know that I have your back, and that I am here to guide you the best I possibly can!

Endless love, 



I call for you. I call again, and again. You mutter ´huh´.

A hazy gaze meets my eye.  Oh, the slumber that is puberty. 

But it´s allright. Paces change, and that´s a good thing. I love every step of the way. 

You took your first breath fifteen years ago today.  I´ve recently learned that the first 1000 days after conception are formative. Some stars must have aligned during your first 1000 days of creation because you turned out pretty good.  I feel so fortunate to be your mother. 

Today you are 15. And on this day you are abroad. You are on a school trip with class mates in Berlin. And to top it off you will fly home tonight. You love flying so much.  In a way, you are teaching me to face my fears.

Thanks for being the young man that you are. You´re one in a million. 

With love, mom 


Invitasjonsbilder til konfirmasjon

Herlige Synnøve er en sprudlende nydelig ung dame som vet hva hun vil. Hun ser rett inn i linsen, noe jeg digger!  

Vi kjørte opp til Torstad gård en varm sommerkveld i begynnelsen av juni. Der tok vi bilder til invitasjonen til konfirmasjonen hennes. 

Selve konfirmasjonsbildene er også tatt allerede. Men de får vente til etter den store dagen! 

Klikk her for mer info om konfirmansjonsfoto.

Ta kontakt her for mer informasjon.









Two was enough. We were two parents, with two hands each. Two kids was enough. Supposedly.

Guess what? Enough makes me sad.

Deep down I was secretely hoping that one day, I would have a third little baby.  

That day came sooner than I could have imagined.  You were a little surprise, and the best gift I could have ever had.  You came into this world and opened those big blue eyes. I remember thinking ´This kid isn´t waisting any time´.  You were minime v2.0 with extra sparkle! 

Stages were skipped and you grew up at the speed of light making plans to move to L.A. or Miami at the young age of four. Barbie and Ken spoke fluent english and you and your big sister Emma started documenting Ken and Barbie´s lives on the ipad. 

Life with you is fast-paced. And soon my tagline became Never a boring moment–   It seemed all too fitting for the adventures you take me on. Sometimes I feel like we are living out our favorite sitcom and I don´t want to miss a single episode. 

I love your endless hugs filled with love,
I love your energy,
I love your ability to light up a room by just being you.
I love how you challenge me.
I love how you move, your funny walks and your gracious moves. Your range baffles me. 
I love your passion, eventhough it goes into turbo speed at times. 
I love our convos in different accents. Especially our texan and New York routine. You nail it kid. 

Don´t let anyone dull your sparkle my little star. Be brave and go places. Show yourself and don´t be afraid to claim your space. If there is anything I would love to give you in this lifetime, it would be the freedom to be you in your purest form. 

So you go girl! Go spread that energy of with those who are lucky to surround you. 

Butterfly kisses, mamma


Finally you are in the double digits. The 














Session for Relasjonssenteret

Relasjonssenteret by Tanja de MaesschalkI forbindelse med utviklingen av ny nettside ble jeg bedt å ta flere serier med bilder for Relasjonssenteret. Bildene i denne serien ble tatt på Nesøya. Både huset, brygga og dukkestua egnet seg veldig godt til fotograferingen.

De nye nettsidene til Relasjonssenteret er utviklet i samarbeid med Trine Grung og Gry Finsrud.

Relasjonssenteret commissioned me for a commercial assignment. A series of sessions involving children and families for the launch of their new website. These photos were taken at a residence on the nearby island Nesøya. The house aswell as the grounds served as the perfect backdrop for this shoot.

Relasjonssenteret Relasjonssenteret Relasjonssenteret Relasjonssenteret - Tanja de MaesschalkRelasjonssenteret Relasjonssenteret Relasjonssenteret