Who would’ve ever thought?! I have always been one of those who pays the gym (never went of course) and sat on my couch wondering why the weight wouldn’t fall off. You know the irritating thing the exercise coaches always tell you? You have to find a sport you enjoy to be able to continue it, turns out there is some truth in it.

I was introduced to Muay-Thai two years ago and it has changed my life on so many levels. No one needs to drag me off the couch now. From dealing with your small self (you know that small voice called insecurity that screams really loud at some point) to being fearless.

To give you an insight into it, here is an article that encouraged me to stick to it.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to give back  Muay Thai in a very small way. These kids were having their exams and I was asked to document it.

It was an honour to be able to watch all these kids some as young as 5 years old being so seriously involved and to be able to witness the level of commitment and effort the trainers show towards Muay Thai was truly a humbling experience.

Want to give it a shot too? please consider Silent Dragon, I highly recommend them, they are the best!

Vinita Salome Photography-Lifetyle Portrait Photographer Exclusively For Children & Family Amserdam|The Hague|Utrecht|Rotterdam