Photog services

When I first started my photography business I realised all to quickly how time consuming the process of culling and editing could be.

I have since mastered the art of culling but know how many photographers still struggle with this. As photographers we often connect with our clients in a way that makes the culling difficult. I can help with this time consuming process.

Cull is done with a Wowfactor in mind.


Culling for portrait, glamour, wedding, newborn, lifestyle photography.  Culls include cropping and straightening. Selection by way fo colour coding is also offered.   All culls are are done in Lightroom.

0,10 Euro per image

-first 1000 images 0,10. 0,5 after the first 1000.


All below mentioned editing is done in Lightroom.

  • colour correction
  • sharpening
  • BW conversions
  • noise reduction
  • teeth & eye whitening,
  • skin blemish

3€  per image

Custom Retouching

Tailored service, included advanced Photoshop work such as head swapping, background removal, and so on. Requests should be sent in detail by email accompanying each image.

  • Headswaps
  • Background removal
  • Teeth and eye whitening
  • Stray hair removal
  • Blemish and eye bag removal

6Euro per image