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The lake

Just a 10-minute drive from our home is another world with farmhouses, horses, cattle and even a waterfall. It´s called Semsvann and is utterly gorgeous. I wanted to show the girls my favorite lake around here.  We headed out for an evening walk last month. The light was low and warm and the lake showed itself from it most stunning side yet again.

Lucky I took my camera…


10 minutter fra hjemmet vårt ligger vakre Semsvann. Et magisk sted med gamle gårder, hester, kuer og til og med en foss. Jeg tok med meg jentene ut der en kveld. Lyset var varmt og vakkert og vannet viste seg fra sin beste side. 

Jeg er så glad jeg tok med meg kameraet…


EmmaLisaSemsvann-129 EmmaLisaSemsvann-118 EmmaLisaSemsvann-76 EmmaLisaSemsvann-77 EmmaLisaSemsvann-59 EmmaLisaSemsvann-52 EmmaLisaSemsvann-23 EmmaLisaSemsvann-79
EmmaLisaSemsvann-128 EmmaLisaSemsvann-105 EmmaLisaSemsvann-98 EmmaLisaSemsvann-70 EmmaLisaSemsvann-15 EmmaLisaSemsvann-5 EmmaLisaSemsvann-56 EmmaLisaSemsvann-54 EmmaLisaSemsvann-64 EmmaLisaSemsvann-115


Connect with me if you would like to book me. Maybe we can do a session around the beautiful Semsvann.

Ta kontakt hvis du ønsker å booke meg. Vi kan godt ta turen til Semsvann!



Hello August

August. Oh where do I begin? With its crips air and powerful colour palette, August is definitely a statement month.  It may be one of my favorite months. The water in the fjord is warm and inviting. Friends are back from vacation and ready to reconnect. Life is good.

So here´s to August in all it´s glory.



An Image That Speaks Volumes – Connection

Personal projects are a great adventure that often lead us through the most unlikely of paths. Our intention in starting this project is to hone our skills and see where this particular path takes us. We would love it if you joined us on this adventure.
Our intention is for the images to do the talking. We believe a single moment captured forever in a photograph can speak volumes. These images require no words and at the same time, tell a whole story.
Every other month, we will choose a single image to share with you. These images will usually follow a theme. By seeing, we hope you hear our voices.
If you’d like to visit other participating photographers to see their interpretations, follow the links:

Hello June

As a first of a series, I intend to welcome every month. Not by looking back but by looking forward to things to come.

Hello June! I welcome you!

You house the birthdays of some of my favorite people in the world.

Nature is wide awake and ready for warm long days with midsummer as the ultimate white night.

You will be filled with parties and social gatherings. Summerparties where we will meet new people and celebrate with new friends who already have become so dear to us.

June will feed our hearts and our souls before the summer vacation.

Let the celebration of life begin.

June_TanjadeMaesschalk-11 June_TanjadeMaesschalk-6 June_TanjadeMaesschalk-4 June_TanjadeMaesschalk-2 June_TanjadeMaesschalk-1 June_TanjadeMaesschalk_-2