Konfirmasjonsfoto Synnøve


Jeg deler noen bilder av herlige, flotte Synnøve,  som ble konfirmert i fjor høst. Vi tok bildene i i Asker i begynnelsen av juni, når hun hadde fått bunaden sin. Synnøve er SÅ fin i beltestakken sin!  

Vi fikk vi tatt så mange fine bilder! Jeg deler noen av dem her.  



Bunad, beltestakk

Konfirmasjonsfotografering i Asker

Konfirmasjonsfotografering i Asker

Konfirmasjonsfotografering i Asker

Konfirmasjonsfotografering i Asker

Konfirmasjonsfotografering i Asker

Konfirmasjonsfotografering i Asker


Konfirmasjonsfotografering er et av høydepunktene i fotoåret mitt. Jeg har alltid likt å ta bilder av konfirmanter. Det er så gøy!

Jeg setter av god tid til fotograferingen, og sammen finner vi det perfekte stedet for dine konfirmasjonsbilder.

Ikke på selve konfirmasjonsdagen

Jeg fotograferer ofte konfirmantene mine på ukedager etter skoletid. Vi setter av 2 datoer. Da har vi en backup i tilfelle dårlig vær.  Ved å fotografere på en annen dag en konfirmasjonsdagen, kan vi fotografere uten stress. På selve dagen kan det fort bli hektisk og stress med været. 

Under konfirmasjonsfotografering, er det også anledning til å skifte antrekk. Noen velger å bruke mer casual antrekk til f.eks. invitasjonskort og bruke bunad og dress på takkekort. 

Bildene leveres digitalt i farger og svart/hvitt. 


Har du konfirmant i år, kan det være lurt å booke konfirmasjonsfoto nå! Kalenderen fylles fort opp med fotograferinger utover våren og høsten.  

Du kan lese litt mer om konfirmasjonsfotografering her.


Stop time.

Or, no.

Or, yes.

Or… just turn back time so I can smell newborns again. 

Or maybe no.

Because the NOW is amazing.

I realise I may sound like a big hot mess writing this.  I feel like I was thrown into a time vortex and was just catapulted out the other end.

My baby girl is thirteen today. This means she can officially call herself a teenager. 

Emma. You are part of a generation where not only friends and parents, but a wide array of influencers are part of your world. I love how you are sceptical and careful, yet elegantly curate what you choose to share. We sometimes discuss what works and what doesn’t and why. I love how you see the world, be it the real or virtual one. 

The overthinker in you is slowly giving way to this reflected, opinionated, decisive assertive young woman. I love to see you grow and bloom! You are at the start of your 13th year here and it will be a transitional one. High school is right around the corner. You are more confident than I´d ever imagined. And you will take on the challenges ahead with grace. Of this I am certain. 

My Em… I love you. Know you can always come to me. I will listen, and promise to never ever judge or flinch. I will listen and promise to say nothing. I will listen and just hold you. 

Forever, mom. 




Tropicos Beauty

When I first moved to Norway, one of the biggest challenges was finding a new hairdresser. This may seem trivial. But here’s the thing. There are soooo many hairdresser chains its mind boggling. It seemed impossible to find my ´own´hairdresser.

At a party, I noticed a friend’s manes looking absolutely fabulous. When I complimented her hair, she immediately said, Tanja you HAVE to go to this guy. You’re gonna love him!

Enter Kim

Immediately he makes eye contact, he takes my coat and offers me coffee. He has no idea that he had already won me over 90% at this point.  I tell him about my nightmare experience, hair breakage and a lot more.

The plan

He planned a full recovery of my dry brittle pathetic excuse of a hairdo. And BAM months later, my hair is healthier and better looking than ever.

I’m happy to share some shots I did for Tropicos  new site launch below.

Kim Nordbø, you are in a league of your own. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for you and your team!


For more photography for your business or brand, feel free to get in touch with me here.  Check out more of my portraits here and general B2B work here.


Christmas sisters

If empathy had a name it would be Karoline. 

This woman is one of the sweetest, warm-hearted, genuine and generous people I know. So this one is from me to her. 

Dear Karoline, you are always there when I need to vent. You pick up the phone whenever I call. You are a rock. I am so grateful to have you in my life. We share laughter and tears and serious conversations. You always challenge me to look into the WHY of my actions. You challenge me to see situations from a wider perspective. 

That’s why it was such a joy to capture your daughters.

I love that the girls were so into the shoot. And even though they were freezing, they were happy to do what I suggested. 

Mathilde and Hermine, you are such wonderful young ladies. I can’t wait to see you both grow up into strong and whole hearted women. Like your mom.

PS : special thanks to Mathilde for constantly telling mom to have Tanja take pictures. ;-P 

PS2 : we need our ´rørtemoji´ yesterday!


Nemus Moss

Fotografering av ansatte og klinikken hos Nemus avdeling Moss.

Klinikken ble nylig en del av Nemus gruppen og trengte bilder til ny nettside og ny branding.

Bildene skulle passe inn i Nemus profileringen.
Her kombinerte jeg bilder av ansatte, behandlingsbilder og bilder av selve klinikken.

Se mer på www.nemus.no/moss.


Invitasjonsbilder til konfirmasjon

Herlige Synnøve er en sprudlende nydelig ung dame som vet hva hun vil. Hun ser rett inn i linsen, noe jeg digger!  

Vi kjørte opp til Torstad gård en varm sommerkveld i begynnelsen av juni. Der tok vi bilder til invitasjonen til konfirmasjonen hennes. 

Selve konfirmasjonsbildene er også tatt allerede. Men de får vente til etter den store dagen! 

Klikk her for mer info om konfirmansjonsfoto.

Ta kontakt her for mer informasjon.









It was yesterday. Please tell me it was just yesterday that you came into my life.

That´s how it feels.

Yet here we are, twelve years later. In front of me stands this young lady. Frail, yet poised, and elegant.

My little thinker isn´t little anymore.

Dear Em, you are growing up so elegantly, reflecting upon life, and the situations at hand. It´s such a joy to watch you grow and flourish as you meander from childhood into puberty. 

How fortunate I am to be your mom. 

I love you to the moon and back.