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On milestones and motherhood

This was going to be about my youngest child Lisa.But it’s not…really. I have to admit that – rather selfishly – it’s about me. About myself as a mother and my feelings of powerlessness with the passing of time. I sit here and realise that yet again time has slipped through my fingers.

There is an ambivalence to seeing  our kids grow up.  As a mother I want them to be happy, do well and grow into mindful, confident and compassionate adults.  But with each birthday I can’t help but feel a sense of sadness creeping up on me.  Why is there no pause or rewind button on these kids???

Lisa is our youngest. Our little surprise who makes our lives very eventful. She went from baby to toddler at warp speed. My baby who was wide awake and looked me straight in the eye from day one. This one was going places and wasn’t wasting any time. Clever little thing! It feels as if she came into this world only yesterday, yet today is her last day in preschool.

So here we are… all preschooled out. Ready for a new chapter. We officially have three schoolkids now. Wow… there I said it.

You go girl, go and spread your beautiful wings. Be your best self and follow your kind heart, my little starchild!

I love you.


Here she is on her first day at preschool on the left, and with her diploma at her graduation. A personal post by Tanja de Maesschalk - www.tanjademaesschalk.com (4)A personal post by Tanja de Maesschalk - www.tanjademaesschalk.com (1)A personal post by Tanja de Maesschalk - www.tanjademaesschalk.com (2)A personal post by Tanja de Maesschalk - www.tanjademaesschalk.com (3)


Ik zou een stukje schrijven over mijn jongste dochtertje Lisa, maar eigenlijk gaat het gewoon over mezelf. Over moederschap en tijd… hoe de tijd vliegt en onze kindjes niet te stoppen zijn. Hierbij foto’s van de diplomauitreiking van de derde kleuterklas. Op naar een nieuw hoofdstuk!

The one where I followed my heart.

I have given it a lot of thought and I have weighed pros and cons as one does when standing on the verge of a big decision. That’s what one is supposed to do…
But I am me… and I’m not one to live by lists and well-founded business decisions. I am a creative, always following my instincts.  I have this profound belief that people are best at the doing what they love.
We do a better job doing the things we are passionate about. So I followed my instinct and passion.

Interesting people, good design and photography are a few of the things that make me tick.

Some may remember last year’s personal post about the Gift of Time. A lot happened in the past year. I was honoured with an award, an interview and the respect from peers that I never thought possible.  They will forever be fond memories to treasure. Wedding photography has taught me to think quickly and has made me a better storyteller. I am truly grateful for all the weddings I had the honour of photographing.

However, in my heart I was always the lifetsyle photographer. A mom with a camera who initially wanted to take better photos of her kids. I am going back to that with a new passion and hope to capture your life with a fresh eye. As of this year my photography will be focused entirely on lifestyle.

I’m excited about the future and can’t wait for all the exciting projects that will cross my path!

Much love


PS: Since no blogpost should be without a picture, I’m sharing one of my three muses. They mean the world to me. And they deserve a mommy who is mindful, happy and never too busy to play!

Vanaf 2013 zal ik mij geheel specialiseren in lifestyle fotografie. Ik fotografeer babies, kinderen en jonge gezinnen.

Merry Christmas

It’s cliché to say that time flies but it’s true. Time seems to move faster as we grow up into adulthood. A week feels like an eternity for our children as they count down till Christmas.  Seems like it was yesterday that I sat down to write my last Christmas post.

This past year has been wonderful. Everything is easier somehow. Hard to put my finger on it. We’re getting things done both privately and professionally.  Pieces of our lives are slowly falling into place and it feels good.

We’re slowing down and taking time to enjoy.

Take a step back and apprecitate what you have.

Have a wonderful Christmas. Hug your loved ones.











Winner of the Bruidsfoto Award 2012 – Emotions category, people’s choice award.

Last night, my photograph was awarded with the prestigious Bruidsfoto Award in the Emotions category.

I’m humbled and very happy with the public’s award for the best wedding image in the emotions category. This was a category with 10 amazing and very powerful images. Each and every one telling a story in one shot.

A huge thanks to all of the lovely people who cast their vote for my image! I am truly touched by your support.

Here are a few impressions from last night as well as the winning image.

With gratitude,



Thanks to Lesley Stefanski for shooting and sharing the event images!
More about the other winners can be found on the official site for the Bruidsfoto Award

award winning photography

award winning wedding photographer



My girls will dance whenever they get a chance.
Commanding their faithful audience (that’s us!) to watch closely as they twirl around in their little tutus.

So dance… my girls.

Be carefree and enjoy!



wonderful tutu by my friend Wendy

more tutu inspriation on Pinterest

When did you turn 6?

This is a hard one to write. Why, I’m not sure.

Emma is our second child.  I cannot explain how wonderful it was to know that we were having a girl after an amazing little boy.  Emma came into our lives and made everything pink!

Emma Louise is such an amazing little girl. She’s our little thinker. The girl who communicates with butterflies and God and comes up with the most amazing storylines for Ken and Barbie’s life.  Being gifted never comes without baggage. And her sensitivity is something we’ve learned to help her with. Being able to talk about her feelings has been a huge outlet for her.

This little girl is growing up so fast – almost too fast. Maybe that’s why it has taken me forever to write this post. I get so emotional when I see time slipping away and my children growing up. Each new year is celebrated, but a part of me just wants to rewind and cuddle my babies just once more.  I wish I could.

I’m sharing a few shots of my Em – who never seizes to amaze me.




award winning photography

Nominated for the Bruidsfoto Awards 2012

I am so honoured to be nominated for the 2012 Bruidsfoto Awards. This is a prestigious award for wedding photographers throughout The Netherlands and Belgium.  The image below was selected from 1700 submissions.

What makes me especially happy is that this is one of my all time favorite images. I love that was selected by the jury.

The image below has been nominated in the category “emotions”.

If you are so inclined, please vote for my image on the Bruidsfoto Award website.  In order to cast your vote,  select 3 images in each category. Each category has a winner, and the photo with the most votes is the overall winner.


Below is a list of images that didn’t get a nomination. They all have a special place in my heart, so I thought I’d share.

And finally.  To my clients, my gorgeous, amazing brides and grooms.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!!


Enjoy the images,


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