My home

Last year we moved into our new house. It was literally the place where pine came to die. A 1996 built pine place with a solid 80´feel to it. The patchwork left behind by numerous pictures, soon became a monochromatic oasis. A blank canvas as that became a home. 

Sharing some pictures here… more to come. 





Hello December

December has arrived and it’s one of my favorite months of the year.  The first advent candle is lit, clusters of stars light up the living room and it’s all cozy inside. This season brings soft winter light, coziness, and candle lit evenings. Christmas month has officially started.

Having cuddled up and lit the first advent candle, here are some impressions how we welcome December…

Love, T


Endelig er desember her. Desember er uten tvil en av mine favorittmåneder. Vi har tent det første adventslyset og det står grupper med julestjerner i vinduet. Juletiden kommer med mykt nordisk vinterlys, innekos og tente stærinlys overalt.

Så mens denne gressenken koser seg i sofaen med tente lys og julekalender på tv, deler jeg noen bilder av stemningen her hjemme.

Klem, T

advent Tanja de Maesschalk (1)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (2)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (3)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (4)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (5)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (6)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (7)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (8)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (9)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (10)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (11)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (12)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (13)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (14)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (15)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (16)


advent Tanja de Maesschalk (17)



Tile crush

You open the door to a visitor. As you greet the person in front of you, your smile quickly changes into an apology for the clutter they have to experience walking into your home.

Does this resonate? I’ve been guilty of all the excuses in the book.

Cluttered hallways with scattered shoes, keys and clothing makes for an obstacle course. A welcoming entrance is not only inviting but pleasant to the eye.

The owners of this house we ready for a change and wanted to replace their wooden flooring with tiles.

The Uflven tiles just bring out the beautiful light airiness that is so characteristic to this house.

The result is stunning. The hallway is light, airy and inviting now!

Sophie 20x20cm fra Ulfven fliser.

Interior_ulfven-1 Interior_ulfven-2 Interior_ulfven-3 Interior_ulfven-4 Interior_ulfven-6 Interior_ulfven-7 Interior_ulfven-8

Below is a snapshot of the hallway before the transformation.Interior_gang_før-3

The house we left behind.

There it was. A comment on someone posted around the new year on Facebook.

We celebrated new year´s eve in your old house and had an amazing time.

I cried. I loved that house. Not at first though. I can honestly say I hated every brick and wished I´d never bought the place. But then we remodelled.

We adapted the house to work for us as a family. I redesigned spaces and gave them a new purpose. I studied our movements and mapped down our needs. We made the house work for us. There was FLOW. It was our home.

Dreams needed pursuing. And we decided to leave the house.

I envisioned the new owners as a lovely family. And I had my closure. I gave love to every room, took photos for the realtor and sent the house on it´s merry way to find new people.

My wish turned into reality.

Within 3 days without even being viewed, our house was sold.

Our journey had begun.

On the day we left, I thanked the house.
I took a moment in every room and smiled with the knowledge that I would never see it again.


Photography and Home Styling


I recently did a homestyling project for the sale of a home in Høvik.

My approach was to give every room a designated function. For the photos we chose to add living elements instead of just empty rooms.

Below is the screenshot on Eie Eiendom´s website.






VILLANORDICA_107There is something about freshly washed clothing that I love. Dragging laundry up and down a flight of stairs certainly kills the whole washing experience.

I believe that laundry should be done close to the space you undress. Hauling laundry around messes up your flow. Piles of laundry have no place on the dining table.

So in this house I was lucky to have an extra dressing room availble. It was filled to the rim with items we hardly used. Most of them we gave away, thus freeing up space for a laundry room.


Advent garden

As the snow fell, plans were made… And together with our friends Nancy and Edwin from Pink9Design we set up a wintery fairytale setting in our very own backyard. Hope you enjoy these shots we got.

December may very well be my favorite month of the year.

Warm wishes,T

Sweet table top touches for a wintery wedding. Orchids freeze in the cold… that makes them even more beautiful.

We set this up in our garden… Thanks to Nance’s genious creativity, it was transformed into a winter dream venue.

Details! Nance used a piece of dead wood from one of our oaks. An organic touch inkeeping with the surroundings.

Styling by Nancy at Thanks to our boys for hauling everything outside and being good sports! Oh and for staying on the path and not messing up the snow blanket.