Hello December

December has arrived and it's one of my favorite months of the year.  The first advent candle is lit, clusters of stars light up the living room and it's all cozy inside. This season brings soft winter light, coziness, and candle lit evenings. Christmas month has officially started. Having cuddled up and lit the first advent candle, here are some [...]

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Tile crush

You open the door to a visitor. As you greet the person in front of you, your smile quickly changes into an apology for the clutter they have to experience walking into your home. Does this resonate? I’ve been guilty of all the excuses in the book. Cluttered hallways with scattered shoes, keys and clothing [...]

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There is something about freshly washed clothing that I love. Dragging laundry up and down a flight of stairs certainly kills the whole washing experience. I believe that laundry should be done close to the space you undress. Hauling laundry around messes up your flow. Piles of laundry have no place on the dining table. [...]

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