Tropicos Beauty

When I first moved to Norway, one of the biggest challenges was finding a new hairdresser. This may seem trivial. But here’s the thing. There are soooo many hairdresser chains its mind boggling. It seemed impossible to find my ´own´hairdresser.

At a party, I noticed a friend’s manes looking absolutely fabulous. When I complimented her hair, she immediately said, Tanja you HAVE to go to this guy. You’re gonna love him!

Enter Kim

Immediately he makes eye contact, he takes my coat and offers me coffee. He has no idea that he had already won me over 90% at this point.  I tell him about my nightmare experience, hair breakage and a lot more.

The plan

He planned a full recovery of my dry brittle pathetic excuse of a hairdo. And BAM months later, my hair is healthier and better looking than ever.

I’m happy to share some shots I did for Tropicos  new site launch below.

Kim Nordbø, you are in a league of your own. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for you and your team!


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Nemus Moss

Fotografering av ansatte og klinikken hos Nemus avdeling Moss.

Klinikken ble nylig en del av Nemus gruppen og trengte bilder til ny nettside og ny branding.

Bildene skulle passe inn i Nemus profileringen.
Her kombinerte jeg bilder av ansatte, behandlingsbilder og bilder av selve klinikken.

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Portretter for Relasjonssenteret

Nye prosjekter gir god energi, og denne var inget unntak.  I løpet av høsten var så heldig å fotografere for EQ Institute. Tenk så gøy å bli kjent med likesinnede mennesker gjennom min egen virksomhet.  Jeg deler noen portretter fra den første session. Det er en fryd å jobbe med disse dyktige menneskene. Deres herlige energi smitter!

New projects always create a certain buzz, and this one was no different. I had the pleasure of photographing for EQ InstituteWhat a great pleasure it is getting to know like minded people through my own business. Women who share the same insights and juggle home and work, whilst excelling at what they do. I loved the positive energy these people have! It´s simply contageous. 

Dora Thorhallsdottir - relasjonstherapeut og også standupkomiker

Eva A. Sollie - Relasjonssenteret Herdis Palsdottir - grunnlegger av Relasjonssenteret Elin Braut - Relasjonssenteret i Stavanger


I Relasjonssenteret ligger fokus på relasjoner mellom mennesker. Dora Thorhallsdottir er relasjonsterapeut i tillegg til at hun er standup komiker.