Hello July

Happy first anniversary of living in Norway. What a year it has been. Bring on July – one year into this new life. Things happen for a reason. And we happened upon here. And here is home. And home is where the heart is. And the heart is a wonderful thing. So here we are.Continue reading


Tile crush

You open the door to a visitor. As you greet the person in front of you, your smile quickly changes into an apology for the clutter they have to experience walking into your home. Does this resonate? I’ve been guilty of all the excuses in the book. Cluttered hallways with scattered shoes, keys and clothingContinue reading


An Image That Speaks Volumes – Connection

Personal projects are a great adventure that often lead us through the most unlikely of paths. Our intention in starting this project is to hone our skills and see where this particular path takes us. We would love it if you joined us on this adventure. Our intention is for the images to do the talking.Continue reading


Our intented future.

I stand leaning against the terrace doors. The morning’s first coffee in my hands. I sip. The house is still quiet. I notice the seagulls flying over, a ferry passing and I know that I am home. I have arrived. A feeling of intense happiness overwhelms me. I take it all in. This didn’t just happen. I madeContinue reading


The house we left behind.

There it was. A comment on someone posted around the new year on Facebook. We celebrated new year´s eve in your old house and had an amazing time. I cried. I loved that house. Not at first though. I can honestly say I hated every brick and wished I´d never bought the place. But thenContinue reading


Hello June

As a first of a series, I intend to welcome every month. Not by looking back but by looking forward to things to come. Hello June! I welcome you! You house the birthdays of some of my favorite people in the world. Nature is wide awake and ready for warm long days with midsummer as theContinue reading


The reading list Part I

Daring Greatly.
– How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead.


17. mai!

I morgen er den store dagen der! Endelig!!! Denne 17. mai blir helt spesiell. Det er jo den første nasjonaldagen vi feirer siden vi flyttet til Norge. Morgendagen blir STOR og det blir som prikken over i-en for denne familien. Det er litt over 10 måneder siden vi flyttet til Norge. 17.mai betyr om muligContinue reading



Hvilken bunad er favoritten? Selv har jeg en beltestakk jeg er veldig veldig solt av. Det betyr mye at mamma har laget den.