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Blogging with Studio Toutpetit

When I was approached by Annelies and Liesbeth from Studio Toutpetit about a blog collaboration, I said yes immediately. These ladies are at the forefront of PR agency Studio Toutpetit, specialising in PR for children´s brands. We are joined by wonderful german fashionista Sonja who is launching her own webshop in 2016.

studiotoutpetitSo when a lifestyle photographer, a fashion designer and two friends with their own PR-agency get together, you would expect the perfect fashion and lifestyle blog. But being mums our lives are as messy, hectic and fun as anyone else’s’. On our blog, we share the life of 4 mums throughout Europe.



Personal Project – Light


Personal projects are a great adventure that often lead us through the most unlikely of paths. Our intention in starting this project is to hone our skills and see where this particular path takes us. We would love it if you joined us on this adventure.

Our intention is for the images to do the talking. We believe a single moment captured forever in a photograph can speak volumes. These images require no words and at the same time, tell a whole story.

Every other month, we will choose a single image to share with you. These images will usually follow a theme. By seeing, we hope you hear our voices.

If you’d like to visit other participating photographers to see their interpretations, follow the links:

Vinita Salome | Natalie Carstens | Tanja de Maesschalk

Hello November

Hello November

There is a sense of tranquility that comes with the beginning of November.

October is always intense. As much as I love its parties and social gatherings, I feel an urge to cocoon by the end of the month.

This morning, a gorgeous moody fog covered the fjord and the hills. Maybe it’s nature’s way of telling us it’s time to embrace the cold and darker days ahead.

Hello November. I embrace your cold days ahead, your darkness and your foggy mornings. I welcome you with candlelight, cozy sweaters, wool socks and sophisitcated red wine.

Warm cuddles,


Lisa er 8

Lille snuppa er 8. Hun er overraskelsen som kontinuerlig overrasker meg.  Hverdagene er aldri kjedelige med denne lille tulla. Livet med Lisa er herlig! Hun utfordrer, engasjerer og gir.

Jeg er så glad i deg Lisy.

Stor hjerteklem,


LisaTanja_003 LisaTanja_002 LisaTanja_001

Hello October

There he was. This tiny little boy arrived on october 1st 2003. The feeling of love was completely overwhelming. I had brought a bunch of magazines to fill my days in the maternity ward. They were left to collect dust. All I could look at was this beautiful perfect little baby.
That was twelve years ago…
Over these past twelve years I have had the honour of being your mom. So here are some words for you my little man.
I am winging motherhood as we go along. I had no idea what to do with a boy. How would I relate to a boy? I was never a young boy myself so I appreciate how you share your views with me. Constructive feedback makes us grow.
I love how you make eye contact.
I love the way you take time to say hello and introduce yourself to people you meet.
I love your sense of humour, quick whit and impeccable timing.
I love your cuddles.
I love waking you up every morning.
I love your sense of respect for others.
I love the way you make the best out of difficult situations.
I love how you stand by your friends.
I love how you don’t pass judgment.
I love how you ‘get’ me.
I love YOU.
Marius_raisingaboy-9 Marius_raisingaboy-8 Marius_raisingaboy-7 Marius_raisingaboy-4

The lake

Just a 10-minute drive from our home is another world with farmhouses, horses, cattle and even a waterfall. It´s called Semsvann and is utterly gorgeous. I wanted to show the girls my favorite lake around here.  We headed out for an evening walk last month. The light was low and warm and the lake showed itself from it most stunning side yet again.

Lucky I took my camera…


10 minutter fra hjemmet vårt ligger vakre Semsvann. Et magisk sted med gamle gårder, hester, kuer og til og med en foss. Jeg tok med meg jentene ut der en kveld. Lyset var varmt og vakkert og vannet viste seg fra sin beste side. 

Jeg er så glad jeg tok med meg kameraet…


EmmaLisaSemsvann-129 EmmaLisaSemsvann-118 EmmaLisaSemsvann-76 EmmaLisaSemsvann-77 EmmaLisaSemsvann-59 EmmaLisaSemsvann-52 EmmaLisaSemsvann-23 EmmaLisaSemsvann-79
EmmaLisaSemsvann-128 EmmaLisaSemsvann-105 EmmaLisaSemsvann-98 EmmaLisaSemsvann-70 EmmaLisaSemsvann-15 EmmaLisaSemsvann-5 EmmaLisaSemsvann-56 EmmaLisaSemsvann-54 EmmaLisaSemsvann-64 EmmaLisaSemsvann-115


Connect with me if you would like to book me. Maybe we can do a session around the beautiful Semsvann.

Ta kontakt hvis du ønsker å booke meg. Vi kan godt ta turen til Semsvann!