A royal wedding!

A girl can dream, right? Well let them dream I say!  So they stayed home this afternoon to witness the wedding of the century with me.

They even dressed for the occasion… tiara’s and all! I’m sharing some images of our princesses, their wedding procession around the fireplace and practicing royal poses!

Life is a fairytale if you want it to be!

Many congrats to the royal couple!





To the Beach!

It was the first day of the Easter break here in Belgium.  The weather was chilly but sunny. I headed to the dutch North Sea coast to shoot this wonderful family. Over the past two years I’ve had the privilege of photographing these three wonderful kids!

Hope you enjoy the shots we got!

Fondly, T



Hailey’s young, creative and bubbly!!!  She’s a young Scottish photographer who I met at Zach and Jody Gray’s workshop earlier this year. We’ve since stayed in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

Imagine my delight when she emailed me asking if I would photograph her for her new website.  She flew in especially for the day. It was totally awesome!

Hails, keep it up. Use your gift wisely and you will go far!  You have a friend on “the continent” ;-)
Hailey is at Clockwork Photography.

Big hug, T


Destination Norway

It’s where I recharge my batteries and regroup my thoughts.   Norway is where the heart is.

I love what I do and love doing it in different countries meeting new people.  That is why this year I hope to do some sessions and maybe even a wedding in Norway during the month of July.  So… if you’re interested, or know anyone who is, spread the word and contact me!

I’m excited about this! Hope you are too!

Oh and I’m excited about corona strawberries too… they are a very important part of our summer! Sorry belgian strawberries. Yes you are early, but there’s nothing on like norwegian corona’s – so sorry.

Much love,



The photographers

Wedding photographer Anouschka from Lifestyle Fotografie asked me photograph her and het husband Ray. They came all the way from Boskoop in The Netherlands for their photoshoot, equipped with cameras, Shootsacs, sunglasses and killer heels!  Indy and Keira – their beloved terriers – were groomed and ready for their closeup!

Anouschka is a  fellow member of photographers collective weloveweddings.nl.


The girl next door

I was delighted to shoot her the ‘girl next door’.

Helen is our neighbour.  Not only is she beautiful on the outside, she is a true and genuinly good girl.  I love talking with her about stuff, school, friends and the things that go on in a twelve-year-old girl’s life….  She patiently plays with our girls, indulging their wishes and silly role-playing games.

So it was more than a pleasure to portrait this very special young lady for her special occasion.

Much love,




A classy bump!

You know when you talk on the phone with someone you have never met before and you instantly like the person? Well, that was exactly the case with Annelies. She was looking for a maternity shoot with a twist. Being an editor for a baby website, she sees a lot of images passing by. She knew exactly what she wanted.   So off I went to Limburg to shoot Annelies in her father’s workshop where he works on gorgeous vintage cars.

For the more contemporary part of the shoot, we went to her friend Liesbeth’s house. Liesbeth if you read this… I’ve been talking to the hubs for a week now about your house!

Thanks to Annelies, for being totally amazing!  Her mom and dad for the beautiful setting and little treasures we used as props – I especially loved dad’s teddybear.  And to Liesbeth for providing such a beautiful backdrop!

And a special smooch goes to the fabulous Oh La La (yes that is indeed the name of the cocker spaniel).


The Princess of all Things Pink!

Emma Louise, the princess of the pink universe – my little thinker – turned 5 recently. As with all things in her life, she knew exactly what she wanted to do for her party. She told me she wanted to make cupcakes and play in a jumping castle. And as with kids parties in our house – they get to wish on their special day! Thus, mom got creative.  From invites to treat bags to straws… all done in Em’s fave colour: pink!

I had never decorated a cupcake in my entire life… so apologies to any conoisseurs out there, hehe! It was all about having fun really.  In order to avoid our kitchen turning into a warzone, I made the cupcakes on beforehand so the kids would only have to decorate. Oh yeah, I was in total Martha-mode!

Everything went exceptionally well and I felt we had rocked this party. Everybody happy for yet another year!

The next day Emma announced that she was turning six the next week… :- )

I love you my dear princess… may all your birthdays be for the age you wish to be – and may you live happily ever after!

xoxo,  your mama




Simmy and Sefa

Simmy booked me all the way from Japan. We had never met but had been connecting through email and facebook for a while now. I cannot express how much I love social media! Simmy and I chatted about all sorts of things.  And when she posted a snapshot of her weddingshoes, well… let’s just say knew she was going to be amazing!  Although Simmy and Sefa are getting married next week, I still wanted to do a pre-wedding session with them. Just a relaxed shoot to get to know eachother.

Both Simmy and Sefa were dressed to kill… and I wanted to give the shoot an urban-park-look. I am over the moon happy with the images and hope they are too.

Can’t wait to photograph your wedding next week! Love you guys!

Big hug, T


When 2 become 3

Natalie and Jochen were married on a beautiful sunny September day in 2009.  They were blessed with the arrival of a beautiful baby girl Louise-Emilie last June.  She was born with intestinal complications. But this little fighter recovered so well from surgery that she was allowed to go home only 5 days after her birth.

It’s an honour to be there as their photographer with them on this journey that is parenthood. I’m sharing some of the joyful moments I’ve had the privilege to capture for this sweet and amazing couple. My heart goes out to litte Louise-Emilie who is scheduled for surgery on March 11th. This will be her last surgery and prospects are very good.

I usually don’t use props in my shoots, but mom got some fairy wings for her first birthday invitation shots. Daddy’s a pilot, so it’s only natural that baby gets her wings, right?

Sharing with you some of my fondest memories of this supersweet couple and the little girl who has stolen this photographer’s heart.

More than words ‘-‘ Tina and Wouter

Weather predictions were grim. When Tina and I spoke on the phone earlier in the week she seemed at peace with having a rainy wedding day. Well… let’s call it intuition, but I had a feeling we would get a break from all the rain we’d been having. And so it happened that Saturday was a dry day.

Tina and Wouter, thank you for letting us be a part of your beautiful day. Thank you for making us feel like guests. Thank you for your trust. You are truly a wonderful couple!
Enjoy your honeymoon – enjoy eachother!

Fondly, Tanja

Sweetness on four legs

I was in the middle of doing some pre-spring gardening work on Saturday when Arjan told me to “get ready we’re going shopping”. Panic… I was dressed for GAR-DE-NING!!! Didn’t he see that?  There was to be no discussion.
So a shower and some interrogative style questions later we were off…

Just to give you an idea of the conversation that followed:

-Me: Is it in Antwerp?   A: Not in the city centre exactly?
-A: I should empty the trunk of the car first.   Me: Seriously??how big is it anyway?
-Me: Shouldn’t we drop off the kids at my parent’s? (thinking we were getting a lamp or chair and dreading the idea of three kids in a design store!)
-A: Don’t worry, kids are allowed
-Me: Do I look worried? – followed by a very fake smile.

It went on for a while and I must have looked like I had a giant question mark over my head! I was in agony – seriously.

But I was not to worry… for the gift my amazingly sweet husband had in store was a puppy!!!  The little baby Shi Tzu that I had been wishing for for so long.

And there she was…  looking.right.at.me.

Meet …Willow –  The puppy who stole my heart! Not only was she the perfect birthday gift, she is a gift to all of us.

PS: Arjan.. I love you and sorry for calling you sweet on here but you are totally sweet and amazing, so get over it. I WOOF you! ;-) Oh and gardening is totally dorky and I love it. So there!

Workshop Zach and Jody Gray Photography

When I heard that Anouschka from Lifestyle Fotografie invited Nashville based photographers Zach and Jody Gray over to the Netherlands, I booked my seat for their workshops straight away! Not only are they rockstars when it comes to lighting, they are also seriously awesome people! So off to The Hague for some serious lighting aha-moments!

Zach and Jody were such sweet people! Loved that Jody had lived in Belgium as a child… Expats are my kinda people somehow!  If you read this, guys, can’t wait to see you again!

Just had to share a few shots from this fun and exciting workshop! Please keep in mind that I will always remain a lover of natural light. But wow did I learn a zillion new things that I can put into practice in low light situations.

Left is one that Zach took at “Het Binnenhof” where the Dutch Parliament has its head quarters. Notice the security guards in the background on the right hand picture!

Jody snapped this one of us. Don’t we look like some serious students! ;-)

Model Angela brought some stunning red heels!

This was taken midday… seriously.

The amazing and sweet Ray taking care of our freezing models!

Junebug Weddings Best of 2010

Honestly, if my dear friend Nancy from Pink9Design hadn’t told me to enter Junebug.com’s Best of 2010 contest, I wouldn’t even have considered entering! I sent in some images and didn’t hear anything, of course I wasn’t expecting to hear anything.  Oh well.

Yesterday I got a phonecall from the talented Gerhard Nel who mentioned all the talent on Junebugs best of list. So today headed of to their page and saw 50 of the most awesome wedding photographs I have ever seen! Imagine my surprise as I flicked through the list of honourable mentions! There it was, my little image on a site packed with awesome photographs!

Thank you dear people at Junebug Weddings! I am truly humbled  by all the talent on there. It’s a great honour to be mentioned.

Please head over to Junebug to check out the Best of the Best 2010 wedding photos of the year.

Excerpt from www.junebugweddings.com

Here’s the shot of this couple in the Flemish Ardennes. This image was one of those spontaneous moments.

The images was taken on a vintage English bus on a very bumpy cobbledstone road in the hills around Oudenaarde – Belgium.

Bruidsfoto Award Nomination

I am so proud to announce my nomination for the prestigious Bruidsdfoto Award!

Here’s the picture that has been nominated in the category “bruidskinderen” – children at weddings.  What an honour to be selected from almost 2000 entries!

Click here if you would like to cast your vote ! Please vote for images you like (even if it’s not the one below)

Gratitude – Merry Christmas

I promised myself that 2010 would be the year of no regrets.  I had to remind myself to go for it – and I did.  I had to learn to live in the now and not regretting the past, creating memories as we go along. Children grow, babies become pre-schoolers at the speed of light. It’s hard to embrace that as a mom. But I am trying to be more in the moment.

Pinch me, am I dreaming? I have been blessed so many times this year it amazes me. The talented and amazing people that surround me encourage me to improve and become a better photographer and person. So for those amazing people who have meant so much this year I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

We are leaving for Norway soon. A country that has stolen my heart!  There, in a cabin in the mountains, we will contemplate the old and renew our energy for the new year to come. We will make our lists of goals for the new year. Small goals and big goals in small steps. Business goals and more importantly, personal goals. I am so looking forward to seeing my family again. They mean so much to me.

Have a blessed Christmas and may 2011 bring you nothing but happiness!

Hope you enjoy our Christmas card and some shots we got in the backyard during our little improvised shoot.



Love has no borders

Belgian Suzanne and German Beshar live and work in Switzerland. They were friends and roommates while studying in sunny San Diego before they fell in love. Could there possibly be a more solid basis for a relationship?  Totally romantic! I just love international love stories… Maybe because I am the result of one.

We spent a few hours in wintery fairytale settings at the castle of Brasschaat to do a pre-wedding shoot. This will also be the venue for there wedding reception in August.

I had so much fun with this amazing couple! I can hardly wait to shoot their wedding next summer!

Advent garden

As the snow fell, plans were made… And together with our friends Nancy and Edwin from Pink9Design we set up a wintery fairytale setting in our very own backyard. Hope you enjoy these shots we got.

December may very well be my favorite month of the year.

Warm wishes,T

Sweet table top touches for a wintery wedding. Orchids freeze in the cold… that makes them even more beautiful.

We set this up in our garden… Thanks to Nance’s genious creativity, it was transformed into a winter dream venue.

Details! Nance used a piece of dead wood from one of our oaks. An organic touch inkeeping with the surroundings.

Styling by Nancy at Pink9Design.com. Thanks to our boys for hauling everything outside and being good sports! Oh and for staying on the path and not messing up the snow blanket.