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Stolen moments

Four kids, nine years of marriage… Life is fast and time can sometimes seem to slip away. During a session in November, I caught Katrien and Jan in a special moment. And it was just about the two of them. And I was blessed to be there to capture it.

These two are an amazing reminder that no matter how many kids you have, and how hectic things get,  it’s important to be a couple.

More from the session with the kids later, but for now, I leave you with some beloved moments of this couple.

So here’s to them – and date nights.



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Published on Amy Atlas

So happy to be featured on the Sweet Designs blog by the amazing Amy Atlas.

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the gorgeous work by Sabine De Keukenprinses. Her desert table was simply gorgeous! She submitted to Amy Atlas and the photos got featured straight away!

Here are some sweets for your enjoyment!

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Paris workshop Part 2

Second leg of the workshop with the über-talented Fer Juaristi. This Mexican photographer is awesome. Guys like him are changing the face of wedding photography every single day. His work is remarkable.

As I went through the images from last summer, I couldn’t help but post a few from that fun afternoon with the Mexican talent. It is with much fondness for the guy that I look back on that afternoon in Paris.

These gorgeous people were married only three weeks after the workshop! Enjoy the images.

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I adore babies. And I love working with first time parents. Welcoming a baby into your life is rewarding and daunting at the same time. Forget all the things you thought you knew as soon as the little person arrives!

When two become three, life seems to shift into high gear and time goes by to fast. I love capturing the moments between a couple and their first baby, and give them the images to cherish for life.

At 10 months baby adorable baby Pauline was a dream. She was totally into it!

I’m sharing some of the images from her session with her lovely mom and dad.

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Happy Birthday Lisa!

She was our little surpise. Today is exactly four years since she was born at home, straight into our home, our heart, our lives ! Our little bundle of joy!

Lisa is funny, passionate, LOUD, talented and intelligent!  I see so much of myself in her. I love her with all my heart! I could never imagine life without you our sweet Lisa Amalia! She blows me away every day.

Lisa loves her binky and blanky… And I love how she plays with her hair when she gets tired.

We love you Lisa. Happy 4th birthday, baby! Please keep surprising us.



And here’s our little song… I improvised my own lyrics when you were born: “Lisa, Lisa, Lisa – Du må ikke gråte… ”

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Paris workshop Part 1

When I saw Fer Juaristi‘s tweet way back in March about his Paris workshop, I didn’t hesitate. Fer is a fantastic wedding photographer with a unique eye. This workshop turned out to be a joint effort with his fellow-wedrocker David Josué. A double treat!

The only thing I wasn’t too keen about was going to Paris by myself. So I was very delighted to have my good friend Damon join me!

Both Damon and I had a great time during the workshop. I can’t believe all the talented photographers who were there. We have since kept in touch and I am in awe of their talent – seriously!

Sarah and Olivier were married only 1 month before we photographed them in Paris. Be sure to check out their amazing wedding by Emily on Amypunky’s blog.

So without further ado… Here’s some shots from the first part of that day with newlyweds Sarah and Olivier.

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Marius is 8

He was the ultimate Lano-unge. I can’t help but wonder where the past few years have gone. In front of me stands this eight-year old boy with a twinkle in his eye. He is kind, beautiful and has the best sense of humour I’ve seen in a kid. I’m so proud and happy to have this boy in my life.

He is a good boy – and a good man in the making. I love him to bits!!!

Marius, my awesome first kid turned 8 on Saturday.

It was not to go unnoticed ;-)

Here’s a bit of this and that….

LOVE inspired

It’s finally here! The very first edition of my little magazine LOVE inspired! I had been playing around with this idea ever since the beginning of this year. It just took a while to make it all come together.

And now, without further ado, I present the brand new LOVE inspired.


Faux-seal LOVE from Cardwise at Marrywise