BIG Workshop – Bridal shoot

Last week I had the  pleasure of co-hosting the very first BIG workshop together with amazing photographers Damon Pijlman and Frans Nijssen.

A two-day wedding photography workshop in a gorgeous castle in the Dutch city of Wassenaar.

The concept of BIG is new and real and consists of 1 shooting day and one business and marketing day. Two information-packed days for our workshop participants.

On day 1 we photograph a wedding day from start to finish. We work with a newlywed couple – no professional models. It’s the real deal from start to finish. We explain our approach to wedding photography and our different styles of photography. We look for available light and teach off-camera flash techniques throughout the day. Day two is a day dedicated to business and marketing, with in depth information about how we calculate our wedding photography pricing and why it works. We also cover marketing and social media, blogging and contests. To finish it all up every participant gets a complete portfolio review of his or her website.

We are overwhelmed by the response to the BIG workshop. The participants have blown us away with their talent and enthousiasm.  This has inspired us to start planning a second BIG workshop in the fall. If you would like to be informed of the next BIG workshop, please leave your email address. You will be the first to know! Promise.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Damon for asking me to join him on this venture. D, you’re an inspiration to us all! To Frans, I’m so happy that you shared your wisdom and talent with us all!

Marion, your gorgeousness! We are so grateful that you and Gijs were there to model for us. Not only are you a stunning couple, you’re incredibly sweet and patient! You both did an amazing job in very cold conditions! <3

And last but not least… to our amazing participants. We couldn’t have wished for a more enthousiastic and warm group! We look forward to seeing how you all grow your photography!

It’s with a warm heart that I leave you with these images from the bridal shoot. The images from the couple shoot will follow shortly.

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Wedding dress 1 :Pronovias

Wedding dress 2: Olvi’s -the lace collection

Our civil Marie France you we’re amazing!

Location Castle Oud Wassenaar

Visagie Marjan van Houten, thank you for all your enthusiasm you rock with the badassflash!!

Videography by Quint Pijlman

Ristorante Italia, the best “MAMMA” Italia in the world

Gerdien Bos van Bruid en Bruidegom en van Het Album voor al tips feiten en inspiratie.

We want to thank all our great and talented students for your enthousiasm!

Geertje VierhoutMoniek Slagter , Mel Sikkema , Peter van der Lingen , Rika Conradi , Jacqueline Dersjant , Nicole Bosch , Liesbeth Parlevliet , Sonja Stengewis , Nico van Velden

Kids in Trees

If I told you these were taken in November you probably wouldn’t believe it. We lucked out on the weather for sure.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family a number of times now, and every time is a pleasure. You may remember mom and dad’s stolen moments.

So here’s one for the 4 lovelies.


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Something BIG – the workshop


Locatie : Privé domein Kasteel Oud Wassenaar.
Wanneer : 5-6 maart 2012
Scroll down for English text

Dag 1
Ontvangst kasteel Kennismaking, iedeen voorstellen
Uitleg workshop, dagplanning
Onze voorbereiding huwelijksfotografie

Getting ready in 2 groepen! We schieten de makeup bij de bruid en het klaarmaken van de bruidegom afzonderlijk.

2 scenario’s voor een First look :
Binnen: trapscene losse flits en hoe te gebruiken met  assistente

First look – buiten
We bespreken alle mogelijke scenario’s en beperkingen die op zo’n dag kunnen ontstaan.

Geheel verzorgde lunch

Fotoshoot: Als 1 groep gaan we in de namiddag een fotoshoot doen met het bruidspaar. Buiten met bestaand licht, binnen met externe flitstechtnieken en waar mogelijk zoeken we het licht op!

De supersnelle shoot: Soms gebeurt het dat de portretsessie in gedrang komt wegens het uitlopen van het schema. Hoe maak je er toch het beste van?

Trouwceremonie met alle sleutelmomenten.

Openingsdans opstelling flitsen.
Badass flits buiten bij ondergande zon.

Diner in een hotel nabij. Tijd voor een nabespreking en vragen.

Een fotografie business runnen.
Ken je target klantenprofiel. Wéét wat je wil verkopen. Weet wat je moet verdienen, en wat je wil verdienen!
Hoe wij onze marketing  en social media aanpakken.

Geheel verzorgde lunch

Portfolio review van elke cursist, online met beamer
Hoe wij foto’s selecteren voor onze blog, social media en wedstrijden
Waarom we meedoen aan wedstrijden

17u einde

Twee weken later
BONUS online event met bespreking van  jullie workshopfoto’s!

Investering : 750Euro


English version


WORKSHOP UPDATE – Workshop details have are now available!

The location is in the Wassenaar Castle – a private estate in the forest near the town of Wassenaar in The Netherlands.
When: March 5-6 2012


You are welcomed at the estate.
Introductions of all attendants.
A short introduction about the days ahead.
We explain how we prepare for a wedding.

Getting ready shots in two groups. We shoot the makeup at the bride’s and the groom getting ready.

First look in 2 scenarios in two groups
Inside: use of off-camera flash and show how we work with an assistant
Outside: We cover a first look outsite and discuss how we work around limitations that can occur during the actual wedding day.


Photosession: The group merges again for the couple’s photosession.
Outside using available light.
Inside: using flash and searching for available natural light.
The superquick shoot! When the schedule gets time is limited – make the best of any given situation

Wedding ceremony including key moments.

Opening dance with lighting setup.

Damon’s badass flash outside in the golden hour.

Dinner at a hotel nearby where we can chat about the day!

Running a photography business


Portfolio review for each attendee.
How we select images for our blog, social media and competitions.
Why we enter competitions.

A BONUS online event! We get together and evaluate your workshop photos in an online event.

Investment : 750Euro

Please contact for bookings.








award winning photography

Nominated for the Bruidsfoto Awards 2012

I am so honoured to be nominated for the 2012 Bruidsfoto Awards. This is a prestigious award for wedding photographers throughout The Netherlands and Belgium.  The image below was selected from 1700 submissions.

What makes me especially happy is that this is one of my all time favorite images. I love that was selected by the jury.

The image below has been nominated in the category “emotions”.

If you are so inclined, please vote for my image on the Bruidsfoto Award website.  In order to cast your vote,  select 3 images in each category. Each category has a winner, and the photo with the most votes is the overall winner.


Below is a list of images that didn’t get a nomination. They all have a special place in my heart, so I thought I’d share.

And finally.  To my clients, my gorgeous, amazing brides and grooms.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!!


Enjoy the images,


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Baby it’s cold outside

Some of you may remember Wendy and Kris from the gorgeous destination wedding in Italy back in May. They contacted me for a wintery shoot with their two little girls. It’s always a joy to photograph this family.

And so it was on a cold and early December morning that we met for an outdoors shoot.  This winter hadn’t given us any snow so far, so we chose a white palette to add a wintery feel to the shoot. Early morning may very well be my favorite time of the day.  I absolutely loved the warm and gorgeous light we got that morning. Within just 50 minutes we wrapped up an amazing series of beautiful images.

Much love,


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This year and coming into my own.

This is a personal, long post. And no, I will have no regrets.

It has been a year of ups and downs.

Sound cliché? Think again.

The year before it had been so clear to me. I actually spelled it out. “I shall have NO REGRETS”.

Somehow 2011 remained undefined for a long, long time. What was it going to be about? Could it possibly be better than the epic ’10? No way! Or … way?

2011 was to become my most amazing, epic and insightful year – EVER!

I connected with some of my heroes within the business. Some facades crumbled before my very eyes. I moved on… I grew as a photographer and – hopefully – as a person. I made new friends. Friends who stood by me and supported me every single day. Thank you for being there when I needed you! Thank you for giving me sanity when I doubted myself. You are awesome! And you are going places! I will be here to cheer you on, every step of the way!

Our kids grew up so fast this year.  They surprise and amaze me every single day. I see so much of myself in them. I am privileged to be their mother. It’s exhausting, frustrating, amazing and glorious and I wouldn’t miss it for the world!!!  One day I hope to have raised 3 harmonic, happy grownups. Meantime we’re enjoying the path that leads us there. I love the three of you with all my heart!

Birthday came – and so did the puppy I had wished for.  I thrive with a canine around. I heart my happy Willow. I’ve never had or met a happier dog – ever!

I travelled and took new friends on a roadtrip. Little did I know they were sisters from a different mother. I love you. You are always with me and I owe you so much! I may live far away, but know that I am there if you ever need me.

Summer came. Whilst everyone was complaining about the weather, I kept hearing the blast in Oslo over and over again in my head.  Hug your kids and pray for a sane future.

And finally … to my soulmate.
We were friends. We became lovers. We exchanged vows. We became parents.
I will grow old with you. You are there to pick me up when I feel insecure.  You are sanity when I am crazy.  You … are my ROCK.
I love you.

So with this said.
I look ahead, with no regrets. With only hope and plans for the future.
Where it will all take me, I do not know.
But I will give it my all.
I love my life. I just need to remind myself from time to time.

I still wonder what 2011 was all about… Maybe it was more about the journey than the actual goal.

Enjoy these last days of the year.  And make YOUR 2012 amazing!

Much love,


PS: below are some shots from my favorite time this year… on a mountaintop in Norway – pre 7/22.  Enjoy the goofy selfies of the rock and me. xo



Merry Christmas and the Gift of Time

Today is the day.

Our three little ones have been so patiently waiting. The tree is surrounded by white and red wrapped presents.

They will soon know if they will get what they wished for. They’ve been so good, they have nothing to worry about.

It’s such a joy to watch the kids’ innocent anticipation.  There’s a sparkle in their eyes!

I’ve been pondering about what the ideal gift would be for myself. And after much consideration I came up with the best gift ever: time.

How is this a gift?

I live a fast-paced life as a mother of three with an own business. I passionately love what I do. However, someone decided their would only be 24 hours in a day. And that isn’t working out for me – at all.

Needless to explain that a day only streches so far. So how to get more time? The answer is simple : delegate!  So I have made a list of the things I do not love passionately. And those things will be delegated from now on.

In return I will have more… time.

May all your Christmas wishes come true!