Beach shoot in Cadzand

What a lovely family Ann and Yves have! Their kids are in the same school as ours and are good friends. I was delighted when they asked me to photograph them. Due to bad weather we had to reschedule… and on the day of the shoot we headed out to the beach in 28degrees C only to arrive in a dense fog at about 15degrees. It was freezing and the sun was nowhere to be found. Although fog is amazing to shoot in, it is cold, and can quickly become too chilly for small children. Thankfully the sun came out after a while. Here are a few shots from an amazing day at the beach in Zeeland in The Netherlands.

Thank you Ann and Yves for having me as your family photographer.

<3 you guys! De wonderlijke shoot met Ann en Yves en hun drie kinderen in Cadzand. We hebben genoten tijdens de ochtenduren aan het bijna lege strand. Het was zo fijn  om een voormiddag met dit fijne gezin door te brengen.

xoxo, T





Sarah and Tom – a loveshoot in Antwerp

Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing Sarah and Tom in Antwerp. Again we lucked out on the weather, and what had been a day of rain and dreary weather ended in a gorgeous evening with warm light.
These images are taken at het Eilandje and the MAS museum, one of Antwerp’s most recent landmarks. De loveshoot van Sarah en Tom aan het eilandje in Antwerpen. Tijdens de avond aan de Schelde, met de voeten in het zand aan een strandbar. Heerlijk toeven was het samen met dit verloofde stel.

Winner of the Bruidsfoto Award 2012 – Emotions category, people’s choice award.

Last night, my photograph was awarded with the prestigious Bruidsfoto Award in the Emotions category.

I’m humbled and very happy with the public’s award for the best wedding image in the emotions category. This was a category with 10 amazing and very powerful images. Each and every one telling a story in one shot.

A huge thanks to all of the lovely people who cast their vote for my image! I am truly touched by your support.

Here are a few impressions from last night as well as the winning image.

With gratitude,



Thanks to Lesley Stefanski for shooting and sharing the event images!
More about the other winners can be found on the official site for the Bruidsfoto Award

award winning photography

award winning wedding photographer



My girls will dance whenever they get a chance.
Commanding their faithful audience (that’s us!) to watch closely as they twirl around in their little tutus.

So dance… my girls.

Be carefree and enjoy!



wonderful tutu by my friend Wendy

more tutu inspriation on Pinterest

Emma’s communion

My friend Els and I go way back… we were once in the same class. She found love early and soon had two beautiful girls.  I had the privilege of shooting her girl Giulia two years ago, and now it was her Emma’s turn.

Emma always hated to have her picture taken… until that day.

Els, thank you for having me as your photographer… maybe one day you will let me photograph you together with your fabulous girls!

Much love, De communieshoot van Emma voor haar plechtige communie.


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When did you turn 6?

This is a hard one to write. Why, I’m not sure.

Emma is our second child.  I cannot explain how wonderful it was to know that we were having a girl after an amazing little boy.  Emma came into our lives and made everything pink!

Emma Louise is such an amazing little girl. She’s our little thinker. The girl who communicates with butterflies and God and comes up with the most amazing storylines for Ken and Barbie’s life.  Being gifted never comes without baggage. And her sensitivity is something we’ve learned to help her with. Being able to talk about her feelings has been a huge outlet for her.

This little girl is growing up so fast – almost too fast. Maybe that’s why it has taken me forever to write this post. I get so emotional when I see time slipping away and my children growing up. Each new year is celebrated, but a part of me just wants to rewind and cuddle my babies just once more.  I wish I could.

I’m sharing a few shots of my Em – who never seizes to amaze me.




A day in Paris

I met fellow photographer Lesley last year soon after she and Mister moved to The Netherlands.  Chatting over coffee in Breda we instantly connected. She’s one of the people who gets it and I feel blessed to call her my friend.

Paris is where she and her Mister love to be. Their travels have led them here many times, and each time they felt this sense of belonging.

In January I had the privilege of photographing them in this city they love so much.

Here’s to finding that special place in the world! And to Lesley and Mister:  You’re fab…the end.

Have an amazing Easter!


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BIG workshop – couple shoot

Here’s the second leg of our very first BIG workshop.

These were taken outside. In the freezing cold! Marion and Gijs were such troopers posing for us. Their energy is amazing an truly contributed to the shoot.


We are overwhelmed by the response to the BIG workshop. The participants have blown us away with their talent and enthousiasm.  This has inspired us to start planning a second BIG workshop in the fall. If you would like to be informed of the next BIG workshop, please leave your email address. You will be the first to know! Promise.



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Wedding dress 1 :Pronovias

Wedding dress 2: Olvi’s -the lace collection

Our civil Marie France you we’re amazing!

Location Castle Oud Wassenaar

Visagie Marjan van Houten, thank you for all your enthusiasm you rock with the badassflash!!

Videography by Quint Pijlman

Ristorante Italia, the best “MAMMA” Italia in the world

Gerdien Bos van Bruid en Bruidegom en van Het Album voor al tips feiten en inspiratie.

We want to thank all our great and talented students for your enthousiasm! Here’s a groupshot of the whole gang!

Geertje VierhoutMoniek Slagter , Mel Sikkema , Peter van der Lingen , Rika Conradi , Jacqueline Dersjant , Nicole Bosch , Liesbeth Parlevliet , Sonja Stengewis , Nico van Velden