Two was enough. We were two parents, with two hands each. Two kids was enough. Supposedly.

Guess what? Enough makes me sad.

Deep down I was secretely hoping that one day, I would have a third little baby.  

That day came sooner than I could have imagined.  You were a little surprise, and the best gift I could have ever had.  You came into this world and opened those big blue eyes. I remember thinking ´This kid isn´t waisting any time´.  You were minime v2.0 with extra sparkle! 

Stages were skipped and you grew up at the speed of light making plans to move to L.A. or Miami at the young age of four. Barbie and Ken spoke fluent english and you and your big sister Emma started documenting Ken and Barbie´s lives on the ipad. 

Life with you is fast-paced. And soon my tagline became Never a boring moment–   It seemed all too fitting for the adventures you take me on. Sometimes I feel like we are living out our favorite sitcom and I don´t want to miss a single episode. 

I love your endless hugs filled with love,
I love your energy,
I love your ability to light up a room by just being you.
I love how you challenge me.
I love how you move, your funny walks and your gracious moves. Your range baffles me. 
I love your passion, eventhough it goes into turbo speed at times. 
I love our convos in different accents. Especially our texan and New York routine. You nail it kid. 

Don´t let anyone dull your sparkle my little star. Be brave and go places. Show yourself and don´t be afraid to claim your space. If there is anything I would love to give you in this lifetime, it would be the freedom to be you in your purest form. 

So you go girl! Go spread that energy of with those who are lucky to surround you. 

Butterfly kisses, mamma


Finally you are in the double digits. The