There he was. This tiny little boy arrived on october 1st 2003. The feeling of love was completely overwhelming. I had brought a bunch of magazines to fill my days in the maternity ward. They were left to collect dust. All I could look at was this beautiful perfect little baby.
That was twelve years ago…
Over these past twelve years I have had the honour of being your mom. So here are some words for you my little man.
I am winging motherhood as we go along. I had no idea what to do with a boy. How would I relate to a boy? I was never a young boy myself so I appreciate how you share your views with me. Constructive feedback makes us grow.
I love how you make eye contact.
I love the way you take time to say hello and introduce yourself to people you meet.
I love your sense of humour, quick whit and impeccable timing.
I love your cuddles.
I love waking you up every morning.
I love your sense of respect for others.
I love the way you make the best out of difficult situations.
I love how you stand by your friends.
I love how you don’t pass judgment.
I love how you ‘get’ me.
I love YOU.
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