You open the door to a visitor. As you greet the person in front of you, your smile quickly changes into an apology for the clutter they have to experience walking into your home.

Does this resonate? I’ve been guilty of all the excuses in the book.

Cluttered hallways with scattered shoes, keys and clothing makes for an obstacle course. A welcoming entrance is not only inviting but pleasant to the eye.

The owners of this house we ready for a change and wanted to replace their wooden flooring with tiles.

The Uflven tiles just bring out the beautiful light airiness that is so characteristic to this house.

The result is stunning. The hallway is light, airy and inviting now!

Sophie 20x20cm fra Ulfven fliser.

Interior_ulfven-1 Interior_ulfven-2 Interior_ulfven-3 Interior_ulfven-4 Interior_ulfven-6 Interior_ulfven-7 Interior_ulfven-8

Below is a snapshot of the hallway before the transformation.Interior_gang_før-3