There it was. A comment on someone posted around the new year on Facebook.

We celebrated new year´s eve in your old house and had an amazing time.

I cried. I loved that house. Not at first though. I can honestly say I hated every brick and wished I´d never bought the place. But then we remodelled.

We adapted the house to work for us as a family. I redesigned spaces and gave them a new purpose. I studied our movements and mapped down our needs. We made the house work for us. There was FLOW. It was our home.

Dreams needed pursuing. And we decided to leave the house.

I envisioned the new owners as a lovely family. And I had my closure. I gave love to every room, took photos for the realtor and sent the house on it´s merry way to find new people.

My wish turned into reality.

Within 3 days without even being viewed, our house was sold.

Our journey had begun.

On the day we left, I thanked the house.
I took a moment in every room and smiled with the knowledge that I would never see it again.



This makes me wanna remodel our house so bad! Love every single bit of it <3

So gorgeous!!! Now I’m bummed that I never visited you in this house! I’m defenitely visiting you in Norway!!

I would love to have you visit Vini <3