This was going to be about my youngest child Lisa.But it’s not…really. I have to admit that – rather selfishly – it’s about me. About myself as a mother and my feelings of powerlessness with the passing of time. I sit here and realise that yet again time has slipped through my fingers.

There is an ambivalence to seeing  our kids grow up.  As a mother I want them to be happy, do well and grow into mindful, confident and compassionate adults.  But with each birthday I can’t help but feel a sense of sadness creeping up on me.  Why is there no pause or rewind button on these kids???

Lisa is our youngest. Our little surprise who makes our lives very eventful. She went from baby to toddler at warp speed. My baby who was wide awake and looked me straight in the eye from day one. This one was going places and wasn’t wasting any time. Clever little thing! It feels as if she came into this world only yesterday, yet today is her last day in preschool.

So here we are… all preschooled out. Ready for a new chapter. We officially have three schoolkids now. Wow… there I said it.

You go girl, go and spread your beautiful wings. Be your best self and follow your kind heart, my little starchild!

I love you.


Here she is on her first day at preschool on the left, and with her diploma at her graduation. A personal post by Tanja de Maesschalk - (4)A personal post by Tanja de Maesschalk - (1)A personal post by Tanja de Maesschalk - (2)A personal post by Tanja de Maesschalk - (3)


Ik zou een stukje schrijven over mijn jongste dochtertje Lisa, maar eigenlijk gaat het gewoon over mezelf. Over moederschap en tijd… hoe de tijd vliegt en onze kindjes niet te stoppen zijn. Hierbij foto’s van de diplomauitreiking van de derde kleuterklas. Op naar een nieuw hoofdstuk!


a pause button, that’s a good one… a really good one…I want one…

She’s growing up so fast! Enjoy the vacation time with them :)

Anouschka, isn’t she?! And more ‘fabulous’ with each day ;-) XOXO

Love this post! Congratulations! Big hugs from little V too!! She is too cute! xx

Thanks for the love, Vini Hugs!