I have given it a lot of thought and I have weighed pros and cons as one does when standing on the verge of a big decision. That’s what one is supposed to do…
But I am me… and I’m not one to live by lists and well-founded business decisions. I am a creative, always following my instincts.  I have this profound belief that people are best at the doing what they love.
We do a better job doing the things we are passionate about. So I followed my instinct and passion.

Interesting people, good design and photography are a few of the things that make me tick.

Some may remember last year’s personal post about the Gift of Time. A lot happened in the past year. I was honoured with an award, an interview and the respect from peers that I never thought possible.  They will forever be fond memories to treasure. Wedding photography has taught me to think quickly and has made me a better storyteller. I am truly grateful for all the weddings I had the honour of photographing.

However, in my heart I was always the lifetsyle photographer. A mom with a camera who initially wanted to take better photos of her kids. I am going back to that with a new passion and hope to capture your life with a fresh eye. As of this year my photography will be focused entirely on lifestyle.

I’m excited about the future and can’t wait for all the exciting projects that will cross my path!

Much love


PS: Since no blogpost should be without a picture, I’m sharing one of my three muses. They mean the world to me. And they deserve a mommy who is mindful, happy and never too busy to play!

Vanaf 2013 zal ik mij geheel specialiseren in lifestyle fotografie. Ik fotografeer babies, kinderen en jonge gezinnen.


Congratulations my dear friend with your decision! It comes from the right place and I can’t wait to see all the magic you will do with all the lifestyle images!

Thank you so so much dearest Vinita! Couln’t have done it without you! Thank you for being a friend! <3 XO

So proud of you my friend, you deserve all the passion and awards there are in the world from following your heart! I know you’re going to do fabulous things with your new direction!

Thank you so much for challenging me and helping me grow, Lesley! So blessed to have you as a friend.

A decision that comes right of the heart, is a good decision… x

Thank you for this honest post. I am so sure that you are on the right path. your lifestyle photography is outstanding and when I hear you talking about a family shoot with passion and love I couldn’t think about you doing anything else. Can’t wait to see here more of your lifestyle work. Love Jen

Thank you Jen my dear friend for your words and contiuous support. Love

I am so incredibly proud of you! You go girl and may all you desire and deserve meet you on your path. Yay for you! Xxx

Thank you so much dearest Wendy!