I met fellow photographer Lesley last year soon after she and Mister moved to The Netherlands.  Chatting over coffee in Breda we instantly connected. She’s one of the people who gets it and I feel blessed to call her my friend.

Paris is where she and her Mister love to be. Their travels have led them here many times, and each time they felt this sense of belonging.

In January I had the privilege of photographing them in this city they love so much.

Here’s to finding that special place in the world! And to Lesley and Mister:  You’re fab…the end.

Have an amazing Easter!


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Love this shoot! Beautiful pictures:)

such a beautiful session – you just captured them as they are. these images are so full of love and fun – a pleasure to look at them. paris is here just a beautiful background.

Great pictures. My favorite subject in a special place Kathy and me walked just seven months ago. My favorite picture is the B&W of Lesley holding Adam from behind.

Awww, thank you so much for your lovely words! They were a joy to work with!

Love all the romance coming through! So gorgeous! Now I want to see yours!

Paris is beautiful, as we know in general, but to capture beauty and amour is feeling
You captured it and The couple’s love is wonderfull to see
Paris Paris … Hmm m amour ! ;)

Niels, thank you so much! Man, I would hop on a train and go back any day! Maybe I’ll run in to the both of you someday… :)

this is so nice!!! great shoot Tanja!!

what a beautiful series and what a privilege to photograph such a great couple in none other than Paris!

You captured us perfectly, thank you so much for everything!! :)

Thank you Lesley! We should go back – soon.