Today is the day.

Our three little ones have been so patiently waiting. The tree is surrounded by white and red wrapped presents.

They will soon know if they will get what they wished for. They’ve been so good, they have nothing to worry about.

It’s such a joy to watch the kids’ innocent anticipation.  There’s a sparkle in their eyes!

I’ve been pondering about what the ideal gift would be for myself. And after much consideration I came up with the best gift ever: time.

How is this a gift?

I live a fast-paced life as a mother of three with an own business. I passionately love what I do. However, someone decided their would only be 24 hours in a day. And that isn’t working out for me – at all.

Needless to explain that a day only streches so far. So how to get more time? The answer is simple : delegate!  So I have made a list of the things I do not love passionately. And those things will be delegated from now on.

In return I will have more… time.

May all your Christmas wishes come true!










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Lovely present for yourself! Transformation! Merry Christmas! Much love xx

Enjoy your time, you deserve it!! :)

Yes! Bij mij staat tijd ook op het programma! Meer tijd met familie, met mijn lief, met heerlijke boeken en cappuccino. Ik hoop dat je krijgt wat je wilt ;)

Klinkt goed Tanja, wat zal het een lekker jaar worden voor je!

Fijne dagen en tot volgend jaar!

xoxo Jacqueline

bedankt voor je kaartje en je magazine, ze kwamen gisteren binnen, werd er helemaal blij van, mooi hoor! en laat ik nu toch dezelfde keuzes net hebben genomen, ook ik wil meer family time en tijd voor mezelf :)


Good for you dear! Merry Christmas! Xoxo