When Sandra booked me I was totally happy! Her son Yves is in my son’s class and is doing his first communion. For this occasion, they wanted some images of him and his little sister Manon.  Since I know these kids, they were very relaxed in front of the camera. No shying away here… The kids played and did their thing, while I got to capture the moments.  I ‘m so happy with all the awesome spots we have around here – these were taken a short drive from where we live.

A big thanks to Sandra for being amazing about meeting so late in the evening on a school night!  You guys are a true joy to photograph! Not only are you a stunning family, you were fun and great to be with!

Much love, T





Beautiful family, pictures and light really beautiful ! And it is obvious that you work great with children – chapeau !

potver….HOE doe je het toch!!!! PRACHTIG!! Geef jij geen cursussen of zo? Ik schrijf in hoor! x

Ohhhhh and now I close my mouth again oke because it is wide open. What a gorgeous pictures.

Absolutely stunning, Tanja! love these so much, what a beautiful family and I love the way you work that light. Beauuuuutiful images : )

You put a smile on my face, too! xoxo