Hailey’s young, creative and bubbly!!!  She’s a young Scottish photographer who I met at Zach and Jody Gray’s workshop earlier this year. We’ve since stayed in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

Imagine my delight when she emailed me asking if I would photograph her for her new website.  She flew in especially for the day. It was totally awesome!

Hails, keep it up. Use your gift wisely and you will go far!  You have a friend on “the continent” ;-)
Hailey is at Clockwork Photography.

Big hug, T



Awwwwww love these too!! So nice, Tanja!!!!!! – J

Gorgeous!!!! I just saw Hailey’s profile pic on FB… wow!!!!! and then I found wedtog and then here! how did I miss this?! awesome session you two, and how cool that Hailey flew in for the day!! Hailey, you look amazing! : )

Tanja what a lovely serie of Hailey!

beautiful pictures ! great job for both of you – great pp tanja

you look awesome hailey! beautiful photos tanja.

Hailey, you’re adorable; and Tanja, fabulous photos!!

AHHHHHH i love love love them :) still can’t believe that girl is me :) hehe.