Emma Louise, the princess of the pink universe – my little thinker – turned 5 recently. As with all things in her life, she knew exactly what she wanted to do for her party. She told me she wanted to make cupcakes and play in a jumping castle. And as with kids parties in our house – they get to wish on their special day! Thus, mom got creative.  From invites to treat bags to straws… all done in Em’s fave colour: pink!

I had never decorated a cupcake in my entire life… so apologies to any conoisseurs out there, hehe! It was all about having fun really.  In order to avoid our kitchen turning into a warzone, I made the cupcakes on beforehand so the kids would only have to decorate. Oh yeah, I was in total Martha-mode!

Everything went exceptionally well and I felt we had rocked this party. Everybody happy for yet another year!

The next day Emma announced that she was turning six the next week… :- )

I love you my dear princess… may all your birthdays be for the age you wish to be – and may you live happily ever after!

xoxo,  your mama





Ohhh Tanja, wat ontzettend mooi allemaal! Prachtig gemaakt en gefotografeerd. Wat een geluk heeft Emma Louise met zo’n mama. ;-)

Dank dank voor al jullie lieve woorden!

Prachtige foto’s van een mooie meid. Gefeliciteerd.
xxx nadine

Dressed-up kinderbubbeltjes!!! Love it!

Congratulations to Emma!!! Great decoration… Hope the cupcakes tasted as good as they look.. :)

she is wonderful and it is gorgeous how you made her birthday so special ! I will ask you to style my birthday this year as well ;-)

Wat een lekker ding!!! Gefeliciflapstaart! xxx

Gorgeous!! Oh she is so adorable! Happy 5th Birthday to Em :-)

It’s a girls dream to have a mom like this!!! It’s all in the details.

when can I celebrate my birthday at yours ? i love cupcakes;-) … As always wonderful pictures and congrats to Emma !

She looks so happy and adorable!
Love it!