I was in the middle of doing some pre-spring gardening work on Saturday when Arjan told me to “get ready we’re going shopping”. Panic… I was dressed for GAR-DE-NING!!! Didn’t he see that?  There was to be no discussion.
So a shower and some interrogative style questions later we were off…

Just to give you an idea of the conversation that followed:

-Me: Is it in Antwerp?   A: Not in the city centre exactly?
-A: I should empty the trunk of the car first.   Me: Seriously??how big is it anyway?
-Me: Shouldn’t we drop off the kids at my parent’s? (thinking we were getting a lamp or chair and dreading the idea of three kids in a design store!)
-A: Don’t worry, kids are allowed
-Me: Do I look worried? – followed by a very fake smile.

It went on for a while and I must have looked like I had a giant question mark over my head! I was in agony – seriously.

But I was not to worry… for the gift my amazingly sweet husband had in store was a puppy!!!  The little baby Shi Tzu that I had been wishing for for so long.

And there she was…  looking.right.at.me.

Meet …Willow –  The puppy who stole my heart! Not only was she the perfect birthday gift, she is a gift to all of us.

PS: Arjan.. I love you and sorry for calling you sweet on here but you are totally sweet and amazing, so get over it. I WOOF you! ;-) Oh and gardening is totally dorky and I love it. So there!


[…] a canine around. Birthday came – and so did the puppy I had wished for.  I heart my happy Willow. I’ve never had or met a happier dog – […]

wowowoowow almost the sweetest dog i ever seen (after my biri) hahaha !! love it !

Awww, Damon the girls have to meet soon!

Woofy birthday to you! What a cutie!!! You deserve it. And I do mean both: cutiepie willow and sweetypie Arjan ;) x

Tanja, ge verdient het!!! Zo iets schattig naast een immer vrolijk baasje! Geniet ervan!

Oh my goodness..that first image!! *LOVE* Tooo sweettt!

Oh.my.gosh. I’m dying over here!!! Playdate SOON!!!!! xoxo

She actually took her first trip across the border yesterday! And she is totally up for play dates! Can’t wait!

Tanja, wat een onwijs schattig beestje, zo lief en kijkt zo onschuldig!! Wat een lief kado, maar beseft hij wel dat hij nu minder aandacht krijgt ;-)

Ohhhhhhhh cuteness OVERLOAD! she is absolutely gorgeous, and utterly adorable!! A fabulous birthday gift…hope she has a passport for NL ;-)

OMG she is sooooooooooo cute – I could steal hear right from you. What a great birthday gift !

Thank you Jennifer, she’s such a good little pup!