As the snow fell, plans were made… And together with our friends Nancy and Edwin from Pink9Design we set up a wintery fairytale setting in our very own backyard. Hope you enjoy these shots we got.

December may very well be my favorite month of the year.

Warm wishes,T

Sweet table top touches for a wintery wedding. Orchids freeze in the cold… that makes them even more beautiful.

We set this up in our garden… Thanks to Nance’s genious creativity, it was transformed into a winter dream venue.

Details! Nance used a piece of dead wood from one of our oaks. An organic touch inkeeping with the surroundings.

Styling by Nancy at Thanks to our boys for hauling everything outside and being good sports! Oh and for staying on the path and not messing up the snow blanket.


great post, thanks for sharing

Love it! Reminds me of Norway :-)

It does doesn’t it! We’re celebrating New Year’s in Norway. In a cabin in the mountains. (Å som jeg gleder meg! )

Hi Tanja,

Beautiful pictures in a cold setting but with warm feeldings. Great work, from Pink9Design too. I love orchids!


Thank you so much Madelief.